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A federal resume needs to keep pace with government policies and procedures for hiring, which means following mandated changes required by the Office of Personnel Management OPM. It should detail the key aspects of your qualifications, including your experience, education, certifications, and any other relevant data.

In addition, the header should contain your personal data including your name, contact information, citizenship, Veterans Preference, and federal employment history as applicable.

Be sure to highlight your key achievements so you display your individual value. While you generally include education and degrees on a traditional resume, a federal resume requires you to dig much further into the details of your educational background.

Resume Tips: The Fundamentals

This means your GPA, credit hours earned, date of degree completion, and any awards or special recognition you may have earned along the way. They want it all. Earned a certificate? Finished a course or training program? Also, if you speak any other languages or are proficient in certain technologies, include those as well. And last but certainly not least, include a list of references , the nature of your relationship with each person, and their contact information. TP: A vacancy announcement is the federal version of a private sector job posting.

Because of the strong focus on addressing core elements of specific vacancies or job series, a federal resume must include key details of the vacancy announcement as required by the Office of Personnel Management OPM and the agency posting the opening. TP: You can certainly write your federal resume on your own, but letting a professional resume-writing service like TopResume do it for you will save you time and, more importantly, optimize your chances of landing the interview.

These 5 resume tips could mean thousands more in salary a year

Resume writing is a crucial part of landing the position you want, so why not leave this sensitive and complex job to an expert? Armed with your critical information and their expert knowledge of the process, your TopResume federal resume writer will craft a federal resume that will leave you feeling confident in your applications. TP: Your federal resume will go through a scoring process when you apply for a job. To help you score higher, your federal resume writer will need your help!

Thoroughly review the requirements in the vacancy announcement and select the details and achievements from your background that align with those requirements. As you invest in this service, take the time to provide your writer with comprehensive information, quantifiable data, and specific achievements. With this, your professional resume writer will be able to develop an interview-winning document for you. After your writer has delivered your final document, the rest is up to you. Follow the directions in the application process and pay attention to additional questions or essay requirements.

TR: So a federal resume is different. What does it look like?

And of course, be mindful of the application deadline! Click on the following link for more information on what to include in your federal resume. Looking for a position in the federal workforce?

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Hire a TopResume federal resume writer today! The Modern Guide to Career Transition. What Makes an Effective Job Search? Changing Careers? Hiring managers are often curious to know where candidates saw their postings, so they'll appreciate hearing whether you found the job on LinkedIn, the company website, a newspaper ad, or an employment website.

TR: So a federal resume is different. What does it look like?

They'll also appreciate knowing that you're not applying to so many jobs that you yourself can't remember where you found theirs. You don't want to be too obvious about this--don't cut and paste, for instance. But picking up a few key words from the job listing will subtly convey the message that you understand the job and will be a good fit.

You should also mention relevant experience and expertise and anything else a hiring manager might really care about--for example, if you spent 10 years working for the company's biggest competitor. It's a fine line--you don't want to make a joke that will fall flat or offend with too much informality.

How Employers Review Resumes: Secrets for Standing Out -

But while it's wise to err on the side of caution, if you sound like a robot, the hiring manager may have no special reason to pick you. Is your contact's first name Jordan, Morgan, or Pat? You may think you know what gender that is, but you could be mistaken.

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  • I once had a very embarrassing experience with someone named Chris. Because this person worked in a heavily male profession, and because I happen to know more men named Chris than women, I unconsciously assumed Chris was male.

    I was wrong. In most cases, you'll be able to settle any uncertainty by looking the contact up on LinkedIn. If you really can't find out, start your letter with the complete name, as in "Dear Chris Jones. All of us are subject to typos that spell-checking software won't catch, such as a dropped word, homophones "to" instead of "too" , etc.