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Support for the AU has therefore been targeted mainly at strengthening the AUC in Addis Ababa, with a view to creating a coherent and effective mechanism that would be appropriately equipped to carry other reforms forward The African Union has been involved in a host of activities as it pertains to socio-economic, cultural, and political issues. Low rates of intra-African trade continue to be exacerbated by poor infrastructure, high tariffs, unwieldy customs procedures, and a lack of diversity in production.

The African Union has outlined a series of goals under what known as its Agenda. There are a number of objectives that they hope to reach through the Agenda At its heart, this new roadmap, emphasizes the importance to success of rekindling the passion for Pan-Africanism, a sense of unity, self-reliance, integration and solidarity that was a highlight of the triumphs of the 20th century.

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The African Union states have been working together as it pertains to renewable energy. For example, thousands of world leaders, activists, etc… were meeting in Paris on December to work towards an international agreement to reduce carbon emissions. Among discussions in Paris related to climate change was the commitment that the African states made towards renewable energy. The project would be supported by money donated years earlier by Global North states in Many of the state leaders in Africa spoke about the effect that global warming and climate change has had on their environment, agriculture, and livelihood.

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International actors and non-African states such as France have been speaking about continuing to offer contributions towards renewable energy, along with electricity in Africa. On December 2nd, , it was reported that the African Union, during the November Africities summit that was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, that the international organization is planning to reveal their plans for a single passport for all of the members of the AU. The passport would allow individuals from the 54 members of the international organization to travel to each other country.

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Our people will not have to carry a visa to gain access to other African states. As mentioned, the African Union was created to help solve various issues that the countries in the continent were facing. Namely, they argue that:. Despite the renewed efforts made during the past decade to promote further African integration, major problems still need to be overcome.

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These include:. Questions are regularly asked as to whether the new AU integration process is really owned by most Africans.

Clearly, opinions differ in Africa on the deepening of African integration. There seems to be a dearth of driving forces for regional integration, i. So far, progress on African integration has always resulted from a small number of individuals taking the initiative to push through the next step, rather than from a sustained long-term process.

African plan advances, says UN. Also in this issue. Cover Story. Africa still waiting for genuine 'partnership'. By Ernest Harsch. Millions threatened with starvation. By Michael Fleshman.

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Botswana's high-stakes assault on AIDS. By Roman Rollnick. Poverty is worsening in African LDCs.

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By Nirit Ben-Ari. Making African integration a reality. A better environment for integration? By Africa Renewal. Money awaits viable projects, says African bank. Global pressures and popular energies. How to boost trade within Africa. By Gumisai Mutume. Building an efficient road network. How Northern subsidies hurt Africa.


By Richard Mshomba. Similarly, Allies agreed to the Projecting Stability initiative, a new vision to cooperate with partners beyond NATO territory, with an aim to develop a more strategic, coherent and effective approach to partnerships. Since the Warsaw Summit, NATO has strengthened its approach to the south and its partnerships in the region, and is continuing to develop relations with the AU.

Strategic sealift support was requested at a later stage and agreed in principle by the NAC in September These experts have made significant contributions to AU priority areas. They have shared their knowledge and expertise in planning across various domains including maritime, finance, monitoring, procurement, air movement coordination, communications, information technology, logistics, human resources, military manpower management and contingencies. The areas requested vary from year to year based on AU priorities.