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A new restoration of Scarecrow, starring Al Pacino and Gene Hackman as an ex-convict and a sailor crossing the USA on an epic road trip, is a chance to rediscover a neglected classic of s American cinema. Samuel Wigley Updated: 14 July Scarecrow The great burst of creativity and invention in American cinema during the late s and early s is one of the more fabled and raked over periods in cinema. The big studios loosened their grip on the genre formulas which had kept classic Hollywood going for so long, in an attempt to connect with new, young, hip, countercultural audiences.

Schatzberg was a fashion photographer he shot the wiry-haired portrait of Bob Dylan on the cover of Blonde on Blonde before making his film debut with Puzzle of a Downfall Child in The story of two vagabonds, a sailor and an ex-convict, who meet in California and travel east across the US to start up a business together in Pennsylvania, Scarecrow teamed Schatzberg with Pacino again, and Gene Hackman. Each of the recommendations included here is available to view in the UK. An LA woman reported her identity information was stolen on April 30, after it was used to purchase a motorcycle in Simi Valley.

Following that identity information, cops were led to the Santa Clarita area near Los Angeles around 7pm Tuesday, triggering the chase during which one of Rainbird's dogs escaped by tumbling out of the broken front window. Rainbird was previously convicted in Los Angeles County of identity theft in January According to social media, the suspect said she owned a motorhome in but claims it was stolen. Investigators say this may be a DUI case and the suspect was wanted on two unspecified warrants.

Rainbird pictured above with her dog is believed to have purchased the RV using a stolen identity. She drove so wildly that one of her two dogs pictured above on her Facebook page jumped out of the broken front window to escape the havoc. Rainbird also has convictions for trespassing and possession of methamphetamine, according to NBC.

Three people, including Rainbird, were taken to the hospital with minor injuries from the chase.

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The minute pursuit began in Santa Clarita, just north of L. She drove so recklessly that one of her two dogs leaped out of the broken front window and onto the road. Pictured above on Facebook on her wedding day in August According to social media they're separated. On her social media she shared this post in , claiming that her motor home was stolen in California. Court records show Rainbird was previously convicted in Los Angeles County of identity theft in January She also has convictions for trespassing and possession of methamphetamine.

A TV news helicopter followed the chase for almost half an hour as it sped through residential streets and along a highway. The driver was seen behind the wheel with two dogs in her lap. The RV hit several cars and a palm tree in a shopping mall parking lot that tore off the passenger-side door and wrecked the front end, leaving the windshield dangling on the hood.

She recklessly drove the RV, smashing into at least six cars and a palm tree that ripped the passenger-side door off of the camper and dented in the hood of the vehicle. She drove so dangerously that her petrified dog crawled through the front window of the car and jumped out, tumbling on the road.

The dog that jumped out pictured walking towards the sidewalk, away from the trailer. After her first dog jumped out, she clung on to her second dog above who tried to follow the other and jump out of the front window. Her hand could be seen holding onto her dog as it tried desperately to leap out. The motor home suffered heavy damage to its hood and right side, and was left with its windshield hanging on its hinges and right door ripped off.

At one point, a large dog in the driver's lap scrambled halfway out of the shattered windshield area and jumped from the moving vehicle, landing in a tumble on the road. The RV stopped for a moment, but the dog got up and appeared unharmed as it ran to the curb. The chase continued and another dog was seen dangling from the window. The driver held on to the back of the petrified dog, as it too tried to escape the camper. The driver eventually lost control of the vehicle, which was falling apart as it was traveling.

It rear-ended another car at high speed in the upscale residential Tarzana neighborhood, plowed into some trees and came to a halt at 7. The woman was seen crashing into trees and driving at high speeds, evading police. The wild and reckless driver led authorities on the high-speed chase through the San Fernando Valley that began in the Santa Clarita area just before 7pm. The RV plowed into this black car, leaving debris and shrapnel in its wake. The black car was hit so hard it spun around and its hood was ripped off. The RV crashed into numerous vehicles on its journey through the north L.

A heavily damaged black car that the suspect plowed into pictured above. After crashing into a white sedan the trailer finally stopped while on a sidewalk. The driver then ran out of her car with her dog following in tow until highway patrol officers got to her. Eventually the female driver lost control of the vehicle and both she and her dog tried to make a run for it but were quickly tackled by authorities.

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  • The final resting place of the stolen RV driven by Julie Rainbird in yesterdays police pursuit which started in Simi Valley and ended in this crash site into a property in Tarzana. After the trailer stopped moving, the suspect jumped out of the camper with her dog hobbling behind her, as they tried to make their getaway on foot.