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Be Part of the Family. Learn more. Stand With Us. Filter: Everything Library Store. Currently Playing Audio Video. Create Password. Re-type Password. First Name. Last Name. Do you want to receive free resources from John MacArthur through the mail? In these days it is on its way out, since natural gentility began to occupy the public mind. He basically said that young people needed to be wild and free and like animals, and discover their sexuality without hindrance from parents or authorities.

In those days, when the church ruled the public morality, and when contraceptives were not widely available, his ideas were clearly too far ahead of his time. Life can even be in bed together with a mate without thinking of the embrace if there is no spontaneous development toward it.

Life does not begin with the fulfillment; it grows into fulfillment. It does it from love, for love, as it behaves in any other realm of functioning. Life builds a bridge safely in order to cross a stream and not in order to get a reward at the next annual convention of the Society of Engineers. Otherwise, the act of love, is an act of love! So also, Life does not, in meeting a mate, being with the idea of the embrace. Life meets because it just meets. It can separate again; it can walk together a stretch and then separate; or it may go all the way toward full merger.

Life has no preconceived idea of what will happen in the future. Life lets things run their natural course. The future here develops out of the continuos stream of the present, as the present in turn emerges from the past. There are certainly thoughts dreams, hopes about the future; but the future does not govern the present as it does in the domain of armoured life.

Life, if it grows freely, is in interested in functioning itself, and slowly develops certain skills to function well. Life is in fact, in relationship and is in it for the relationship — for the affection and learning of relating. It comes to mind, that in the western world, we have seemingly lost the knowledge as if we ever had it? In the total let go of a full and complete orgasm, is the seed for a state of existence in which, Reich defined as an emotionally healthy one.

That such orgasms were not largely occurring in people around him, even in his students, led Reich to talk of this repression as the emotional plague — the standard state of armored and unconscious and bio-energetically and therefore emotionally repressed and spiritually deadened man.

This perspective is a blow to the ego and the mind and its self importance, which wants to cover over its insecurity in any way possible. I was told by a rock musician, that an industry insider of some decades work, had said to him, that without fail, every international rock star he had encountered was incredibly sexually insecure. If we cannot base our life and love on an act of pure meaning and realization; the fulfillment of a natural intelligence, then what can we base it on? If we cannot realise love in its primary and foundational functionality; how are we to realize love in a total and complete sense?

The genital embrace grows out naturally from a slowly developing total body urge to merge with another body. My experience of this, is that there are often cords and movements of energy that create a very pure desire for union.


This can be a transcendental experience, because it is outside the bounds of the body. There is a quiet passion in it, yet it is silent.

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It is not better than love, but it can lead to love, it is loves first sprout. Whereas, vanilla lust, is just trumped up biological impulses. Gurdjieff said that if had encountered two such obstacles in the spiritual path as the vicissitudes of sexual lust, he said he would be only able to make it past one.

Point is, these impulses are there for a reason, and it is only when they are accepted, and not resisted, can the meaning of that energy flow free into sensuality and a conscious choice to undertake communion — rather than being enslaved by a desire one has not accepted or engaged with truly on its own terms. Western people seem to be at some advantage in this sense over some more sexually repressive cultures, as they own their impulses, and do not deny sexuality or the urge — but on the other hand, this realm has commonly become cheapened and not governed by a natural intelligence, consciousness and awareness of the energetic meanings and reasons of these engagements with others which can successfully proceed.

One can easily see this basic characteristic in birds, toads, butterflies, snails, in mating deer and other freely living animals. The final delight of total energy discharge in the orgasm is the spontaneous result of a continued build-up of smaller delights. These little delights have the faculty of providing happiness, yet creating desire for more.

Not always do the smaller delights lead toward the final supreme delight. Two butterflies, male and female, may play with each other for hours and then separate again without embrace. They may go further and superimpose without penetration. But once they merge with their body energy systems, they go through with it to the end. They do not frustrate one another unless interrupted by a butterfly collector or a hungry bird. The total organismic excitation precedes the special genital excitation.

The orgiastic potency grows out of this total body delight and not from the genital. And then he goes further to discount the genital as being the locus from which intercourse occurs. The genitals are only one medium of the uniting.


People in the west seem to have entirely forgotten this, in this day and age, leading to a kind of disintegrated sexuality, where so much attention and pressure is given to the genitals that sexual dysfunctions and performance issues of all kinds are rampant. The genital organs are merely the means of this total body delight AFTER the mutual merger of the orgone energy fields has occurred a long while before the last fulfillment.

The contacts are gentle. There is no grabbing, grasping, clutching, pressing, pushing, squeezing, pinching in them. They go as far as is given in the special approach and no farther. And yet no one ever suffered more agony than He did. He was cruelly executed by men who openly acknowledged His faultlessness.

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Yet at the same time Barabbas, a murderous, thieving insurrectionist, was summarily set free. It was the greatest travesty of justice the world has ever seen. Consider the facts: Jesus Christ was the only truly sinless individual who ever lived — the most innocent, blameless, virtuous man of all time. He "committed no sin, nor was deceit found in His mouth" 2 Peter He was "holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners" Hebrews And yet the torment and punishment He suffered in His death was infinitely more heinous than anyone else has ever suffered.

He bore the full weight of retribution for human evil. He suffered as if He were guilty of humanity's worst offenses. And yet He was guilty of nothing. It is easy to look at the cross and conclude it was the worst miscarriage of human justice in the history of the world. And it was. It was an evil act, perpetrated by the hands of wicked men. But that is not the full story. The crucifixion of Christ was also the greatest act of divine justice ever carried out. It was done in full accord with "the determined purpose and foreknowledge of God" Acts — and for the highest of purposes: the death of Christ secured the salvation of untold numbers and opened the way for God to forgive sin without compromising His own perfectly holy standard.

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Christ was no mere victim of unjust men when He hung on the cross. Though murdered unjustly by men whose intentions were only evil, Christ died willingly, becoming an atonement for the sins of the unjust, just like the murderers who killed Him. It was the greatest sacrifice ever made; the purest act of love ever carried out; and ultimately an infinitely higher act of divine justice than all the human in justice it represented.

Every true Christian knows that Christ died for our sins.

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That truth is so rich that only eternity will reveal its full profundity. But in the mundane existence of our daily lives, we are too inclined to take the cross of Christ for granted. We mistakenly think of it as one of the elementary facts of our faith. We therefore neglect to meditate on this truth of all truths, and we miss the real richness of it. If we think of it at all, we tend to dabble too much in the shallow end of the pool, when we ought to be immersing ourselves in its depths daily.

Many wrongly think of Christ as merely a victim of human injustice, a martyr who suffered tragically and unnecessarily.