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I offer this prayer for anxiety, knowing that you are my good, gracious, heavenly Father. Father, I humbly offer this prayer for anxiety up to you, casting all my anxieties upon you. The simple truth is that I am not able to carry all these burdens on my own. And so I am casting every burden, big and small upon you. I am clinging to you in the midst of the storm, holding fast to you.

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Though I may not be able to carry all my burdens, you absolutely can. Take all your worries and fears and struggles to God and lay them at his feet. What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer! O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear, All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer! Lift up your prayer for anxiety to God and let him bear your burdens. This writing is really helping me. I surfer from an anxiety disorder. I try to read your writing two times a day. Thank you so much. This is wonderful!!! Yes, I totally relate! Thank you so much again.

I am going to be incorporating these into my prayers daily. I will lift up my anxiety in prayer to God! Im currently going through alot of challenges in my life. Thank you and god bless each one off us and we pray to heal and we be ablecto getvthru the storm and this will all pass and that we heal slowly.

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And becausecof gods grace we will get thru this hang in there guys god loves us blessings. Thanks for this!! Thanks so much for these prayers. I am going through a very difficult time in my last fe and my marriage… dealing with a toxic and manipulative partner. I worry above my 2 girls but I know God will see us through this all. Predictor Variables The predictor variables for these analyses were measures of spiritual history and current spiritual well-being.

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Analyses We calculated proportions for categorical variables and means and standard deviations for continuous variables. Open in a separate window. Patient: Yes, when I was growing up. Physician: What changed? Patient: Yes, I have. Physician: Tell me more. Physician: That is tough. After further discussion Physician: How can I help?

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    Generalized anxiety disorder and coping strategies

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    When Prayer Makes Anxiety Worse

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    Belief in an afterlife, spiritual well-being and end-of-life despair in patients with advanced cancer. The participants were also asked questions like, "Over the past month, how often have you felt nervous, anxious, or on edge? What they found was that those who prayed more frequently felt "a secure attachment to God. This echoes an April study that found that people who believe God is malevolent are more likely to suffer from anxiety, paranoia, and compulsions. In the more recent study, the authors describe God as the "ultimate attachment figure.

    But it's also possible that the correlation is going the other way: Anxious people might see a more unreliable God because they themselves are insecure.