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This brings us the Unmonumental itself. These works come in sharp contrast to the current standard, which involves large scale, fantastically expensive commissioned works from celebrity-artists.

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For example, both Jeff Koons and Cai Guo Qiang have solo exhibitions on display this spring that reflect the exact method of exhibition Unmonumental is reacting to. For all of the excitement it has generated, the exhibition is not without criticism. First of all, for all its groundbreaking attitude, the exhibition is inexplicably western-centric, fielding the majority of its artists from the United States and Europe. The feeble defense by the curators—that this results from more material waste in these locations—is undermined by the emphasis on African junk art at last years Venice Biennale.

You could take them home, and, in the case of powerful congeries of this and that by Isa Genzken, you might want to. The impact of Unmonumental and junk assemblage is evident in the exhibitions currently on view in New York. A smattering of junk shows include:. Nayland Blake at Matthew Marks gallery.

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In a slightly more disturbing bent, Jeffrey Dietch selected artist couple Tim Noble and Sue Webster to set up a single work in his Projects Gallery: Polymorphous Perverse, a moving, breathing, pulsing Toy-Story-esque horror show of junk assemblage. Burr limits assemblage sculpture to its barest elements: an arrangement of props, lights and specific functional forms to suggest the cleanliness of his modernist background coupled with the very anti-modernist nature of the media themselves.

In the basement of the same building, a second exhibition, In Practice Projects shows an alternative side to the junk sculpture medium.

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If Unmonumental was notable for sticking only to mid-career artists, In Practice Projects is laudable for its focus on emerging artists. I could definitely see our collective creating this sort of installation exhibition. Tags: Uncategorized. Great stuff,very Big City feel to Unmonumental. Am into junk sculpture too,live in coastal South Africs,very different feel to the local junk art! Theme: Cutline by Chris Pearson. Just to mention the multi-faceted opener Fear Of Clouds which appears like a little symphonic suite.

We have three simple ways:

A charming start with excellent polyphonic vocals but soon they switch to a rocking groove which reminds of typical US bands like Poco for example. By and by the song evolves to a tricky one with lush keyboards, synths, mellotron aso. The psychedelic Thin Air is another highlight offering a wonderful relaxed mood based on the accentuated piano and guitar work.

All in all '21st Century Junk' is a solid production, provided with sense of melody and atmosphere - however, die-hard prog enthusiasts should be careful. But if you want to know how bands like The Beatles or 10CC would probably sound today if they were not disbanded, this is a big recommendation While their music remains fairly accesible all the way, the Swedish trio always surprises the listener with its demanding tunes, clever breaks and retro-styled multi-vocal deliveries with a strong THE BEATLE-esque flavor.

Basically ''21st century junk'' sounds like if the Symphonic Rock basics meet the Psychedelic Pop adventures of the late's, though the approach is very contemporary.


Sweet harmonies, orchestral textures and bluesy guitars meet the charming synthesizers, the delicate acoustic and electric piano and the vintage Mellotron of Stefan Olofsson, thus producing nostalgic soundscapes. Some very beautiful melodies are also included in the album with romantic piano vibes and sensitive vocal arrangements supporting, but even these tracks have something really interesting to offer, either it is a nice instrumental amalgam or the impressive blend of different, inspirational sources.

For those who simply can't live without physical CD's, the same album was released by Aerodynamic Records later in Warmly recommended. I was impressed by this album even prior to securing the CD, and am even more impressed now.

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However, the reason the album "spoke" to me in a way that very few albums ever have is that it reminds me more of Klaatu than any band I have ever heard: indeed, this is what Klaatu might have sounded like in its earliest years as a "garage" band? And they, too, have touches of Floyd and others. So the comparison with Klaatu is perhaps even more apt than the comparison with the mutual influences on both groups. In this regard, what the CD brought out much better than any download was the "production" - which is FAR more "present" on the CD particularly with headphones than anywhere else, and was the aspect of the album that most bothered me prior to hearing the CD.

Missing from the track list on this page are the short "bookend" songs that appear on the CD, but not on most downloads - "Junk Intro" and "Junk Outro" - both of which are critical to the "whole" of the album, since the first one "sets up" the basics, and the second creates a wonderful "coda. Had the entire album been like the first half, my review would be at least four stars. Without doing a song-by-song review since the other reviewers have done quite well in that regard , the music is wonderfully creative in the vein of the influences represented, the arrangements are excellent, and the vocal harmonies!

As well, having now heard the "production" in its proper state, I am actually very impressed, since it is the production and "atmospheres" on Klaatu's albums that truly "cement" their greatness within the canon.

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And while Dynamo Bliss doesn't rise nearly to the level of Klaatu in this regard indeed, few groups do!