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Blood and Water and Other Tales

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey memories. Categories :. This article is about a memory of Kassandra. For other uses, see Blood in the Water.

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A Growing Sickness - Escort Service. Death Comes For Us All. Family Values - Confiscated. The Writing's on the Wall. Hull, Yeah! If it is play music, sometimes you have to start and stop playing while switching between songs.

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Blood in the Water

Hmm, I am not aware of any on Sunken Grove. These are real fucking monsters to humans, as strange and alien to us as would be visitors from another planet. The waters are teeming with the strangest, most wonderful, and foulest beasts imaginable. Countless species have been found, and there are countless more yet to discover. If I say sea monsters, which one do you think of first? But when it comes to modern fiction, genre and otherwise, what comes to mind? Which beasts of the deep have grabbed your attention and stuck with you over the years?

Which ones gave you pause, delight, nightmares, or some combination thereof? Being a major fan of all things monster, creature, or cryptid, many come to mind at the mere mention of the subject and in this visit to The Bestiary, I want to talk about some of them a little bit.

Legends Of The South Pacific

The horrorverse is chock full of things that slither, crawl, and clack their way out of the deep and into the dark recesses of the human heart and make you ask the universal question: is it safe to go back in the water yet? I mean, sure, the movie is all those things, with disembodied limbs and heads galore, fingers protruding from the sand like hermit crabs, but the novel is ten times all those things, as intense and visceral as a heart transplant without the benefit of anesthesia.

And no such article or essay would be complete without mention of J. I know I sure do. Hunter has contributed countless monsters to the horror genre more on that in a future entry , including many that come from the deep dark sea.

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The very first book I ever read by him was called The Montauk Monster , a horrifically graphic tale of never before seen creatures that come out of the sea to terrorize the coastal vacation town of Montauk. What other magically delicious sea terrors can I come up with? Let me tell you about a surprising little book I read a while back called Sacculina , by Philip Fracassi. Well, before you get your panties in a bunch and whip out your torches and pitchforks, here I go.

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It would be far beyond remiss of me to fail to mention H. More writers, good and bad, have ventured into his universe than any other in the horror genre, and probably in any genre.

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