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The millionaire came readily to help; and it was with his money that the wrecker gang was to be fought. And so she wears no stockings—and so shes called the Wrecker , his sister added, with inconsequent effect. In Britain often with a overtones of "one who causes a shipwreck in order to plunder it" ; but in 19c.

Bahamas and the Florida Keys it could be a legal occupation. Applied to those who wreck and plunder institutions from Meaning "demolition worker" attested by As a type of ship employed in salvage operations, from As a railway vehicle with a crane or hoist, from Also called tow car , tow truck. We can also tailor a preventative maintenance schedule to meet your needs and budget. Whether it's a breakdown on the highway, or routine maintenance, you can count on Burrows to keep your vehicle in great shape.

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Burrows Wrecker Service Inc. Wrecker Service We operate a fleet of modern and well equipped towing and recovery units that are capable of towing a wide range of vehicles.


Maintenance and Repair Our garage is staffed by mechanics that have the knowledge and skills to tackle most chassis and drive train issues. Copyright Burrows Wrecker Service. All rights reserved.

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