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Some clubs have swimming pools, computer learning centers, camps and outdoor play areas, too. View a directory of installations. Skip to Content. Print to PDF. Was this article helpful? Thanks for the feedback. Help make us better. Jessalyn Schwartz, a Boston attorney focusing on child welfare and mental health law, added that in these circumstances children are usually placed in what is available rather than what is needed.

Mimi Kirk is a contributing writer to CityLab covering education, youth, and aging. The vision of the technology-powered metropolis of the future is being sold with images that bear little resemblance to the real world. The president just signed an executive order calling for states and cities to pursue zoning reform. Mimi Kirk Jun 15, Life Death to Livability!

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Feargus O'Sullivan Jun 26, Design The 3 Pictures That Explain Everything About Smart Cities The vision of the technology-powered metropolis of the future is being sold with images that bear little resemblance to the real world. Laura Bliss Jun 25, Purdum AM ET. The only mandate any political party with a majority of seats ever has, is the mandate to form a government.

It has no other mandate because a majority of the people never give any party the majority of primary votes. A government is elected to serve a public purpose, and effectively, the government becomes the caretaker of the public assets with the responsibility to efficiently operate and maintain those assets for the benefit of the public. He said nurses waiting to be migrated to the privatised Northern Beaches hospital, see a two-tier system emerging within the hospital under construction. The Barnett government announces it will privatise 51 per cent of the state's power operator, Western Power.

They have wrecked the state's finances, they have delivered us the highest unemployment in the nation and now they plan to flog off the family silver. Crisp did not provide an answer. Crisp did not address whether the function of the clinic or the number of staff would change under the plan to add services. The F6 bungle, the loss of hundreds of skilled and dedicated staff , the risk of title fraud and the prospect of price increases make the case for privatisation impossible to defend.

What the government is doing is ignoring all of this in their pursuit of short term financial gain. The Turnbull government is using the legal apparatus of the state to try and prevent the Labor opposition from warning the public about its plans to privatise Medicare. The dispute appears likely to end up in court and could help decide the shape of the next federal election, setting borders around what is an acceptable campaign tactic.

In a report handed down last week, Crawford hinted that client transactions and data were compromised during the move between suppliers, and that inadequate controls over processes like payroll, invoice payments and data support put agencies at risk of fraud or privacy breaches. Umashree, tells workers. Umashree, who rushed to the venue of a protest organised by the Karnataka State Federation of Anganwadi Workers and Helpers near the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha here on Wednesday, said that private services were never utilised under ICDS in the State in the past and it would not be so in the future also.

A prominent jurist says that Indian courts have played a key role in the commercialisation of education. Even the NEET examination is for the regulation of the private system, and not to restrict it, he added. Rapid privatisation of education has led to deterioration in the quality of education. If at all they protest, they are removed from the job. And for a small salary, managements will not get experienced teachers. The education imparted is thus mediocre.

Addressing the human rights implications of privatization for women and girls

New Zealand. In the wake of another powerful earthquake, the government is considering turning over the assessment of claims to private insurers. Concerns grow that child and family protective services may be privatised. He fears we will soon see Serco and G4S running large parts of our child protection services like they are planning in the UK. He rightly pointed out that we know Serco have been visiting CYF residences and we know Anne Tolley has met with them.

I have been asking parliamentary questions trying to find out what overseas businesses and charities the Minister has been meeting with and she refuses to answer. The first wave of legislation to enable privatisation of our child protection services is going through Parliament at the moment.

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The District Education Department has prepared a list of primary schools for privatisation after they failed to enroll students and showed poor results in the exams. South Korea. Those actions will supposedly align the Korean economy with international practices but in fact provide tools for employers to easily get rid of excess and militant workers. The failure of a private contractor to do its job has led to the creation of an immense and smelly garbage mountain that the Koh Tao tambon municipality can no longer handle.

At the same time, SEM-BQ, the waste management contractor, has failed to dispose of the garbage by the amount required in the contract. The municipality did not renew the contract with the company when it expired on Aug Ho Chi Minh City is seeking private investment to help clean up and develop some of its canals. But now the city has to call for investment from the private sector in and outside the country.

President Michel Temer is seeking Japanese support for his privatisation program.

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Temer's government hopes the privatisations will attract new Japanese investment , he said. The Senate has backed austerity measures despite massive public resistance. Opponents say the cuts will devastate public education and health services.

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This effectively limits what all future governments can spend on health, education and social welfare. Critics argued that the poor and marginalized in Brazilian society will disproportionately bear the burden of the cuts that will significantly undermine rights enshrined in the constitution. Despite massive protests, senators have furthermore rejected the possibility of holding a referendum on whether to accept the reforms or not.

Protests continued while the vote moved through the Senate. Service workers at the University of Manitoba continue to work, but back the 1, faculty members on strike. A province-wide tour of Alberta organized by Public health advocate Friends of Medicare and the Canadian Union of Public Employees is defending the right to public long-term care and demanding that the province stop approving new private facilities.

Indigenous water protectors fight against the privatisation of their access to rivers by hydroelectric companies. Before, one could go down to the river to bathe, collect water and wash clothing. But now there are well armed private security officers along the river. Organizing continues over the issue of water privatisation in Mexico City.

Health workers march in Mexico City against budget cuts and in defense of public health staffing.

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Members of the Alliance of Health Workers and Public Employees , led by representative, Antonio Vital , say the mobilisations will continue until the federal government sits down with them to discuss privatisation, budget cuts and dismissals. They are also demanding an audit of the sector and the hiring of 32, additional staff. United States.

A new investigative report finds that public contracts with private companies are shrouded in secrecy. They gave serious consideration to contracting with Suez North America, a private water company with headquarters in Paramus, New Jersey. She tried to get information from the city about the offers from bidders before a contract was approved. But then she hit a wall — one erected by Suez and the city itself. European Union. Conservative presidential candidate Francois Fillon said he was favourable towards privatisations of state shareholdings in order to raise cash for investments in major infrastructure projects.

Fillon has also come under heavy fire for proposing to transfer part of the coverage provided by social security to insurance companies and mutuals.

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Marisol Touraine, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, expressed indignation at this "privatisation" of the health system. Labour unions have strongly opposed the sale of energy utilities, including a stake at power company PPC. The government has outsourced curriculum development to a private provider. Opposition to the ratification of CETA solidifies, with left parties demanding a referendum. The movement for water remunicipalisation gains steam.

The meeting featured the participation of Celia Blauel, Deputy Mayor of Paris, who discussed the experience of recovery of public water management in the French capital.