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Certain lifestyle changes and avoiding exposures to harmful chemicals can help to reduce risk. It sets out our key strategic objectives that will inform our activities and shape our priorities over the coming three years. Our approach to prevention is threefold:. We educate and raise awareness of the preventable risk factors for breast cancer and provide practical information to help people reduce their risk.

Breast cancer risk accumulation starts early – Prevention must also

We support scientific research that helps to understand and address the preventable risk factors for breast cancer. Our strategic objectives are informed by our understanding of the current state of the scientific research associated with breast cancer prevention, by feedback from our supporters and beneficiaries and by the current political environment. Cancer Research UK. Brown, K. The fraction of cancer attributable to modifiable risk factors in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the United Kingdom in Targeting the wrong age group, such as, younger women with low risk of breast cancer, could cause a lower number of breast cancers found per woman screened and therefore reduce its cost-effectiveness.

Breast cancer: prevention and control

In addition, targeting younger women would lead to more evaluation of benign tumours, which causes unnecessary overload of health care facilities due to the use of addition diagnostic resources Yip et al. Early diagnosis remains an important early detection strategy, particularly in low- and middle-income countries where the diseases is diagnosed in late stages and resources are very limited.

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There is some evidence that this strategy can produce "down staging" increasing in proportion of breast cancers detected at an early stage of the disease to stages that are more amenable to curative treatment Yip et al. Mammography screening is the only screening method that has proven to be effective.

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  4. There is uncertainty about the magnitude of the harms — particularly overdiagnosis and overtreatment. Mammography screening is very complex and resource intensive and no research of its effectiveness has been conducted in low resource settings. There is no evidence on the effect of screening through breast self-examination BSE. However, the practice of BSE has been seen to empower women, taking responsibility for their own health. Therefore, BSE is recommend for raising awareness among women at risk rather than as a screening method.

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    Research is underway to evaluate CBE as a low-cost approach to breast cancer screening that can work in less affluent countries. Promising preliminary results show that the age-standardized incidence rate for advanced-stage breast cancer is lower in the screened group compared to the unscreened group Sankaranarayanan, Health Topics. How to make a healthy city. About Us.

    Skip to main content. Menu Cancer National cancer control programmes Prevention Early diagnosis and screening Treatment Palliative care Cancer country profiles. Breast cancer: prevention and control Breast cancer control WHO promotes breast cancer control within the context of comprehensive national cancer control programmes that are integrated to noncommunicable diseases and other related problems.